About Us

Feminism, the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

This blog is inspired by my two best friends, a boy and a girl.

My girl best friend told me that she admires my determination to do anything once I set my mind straight.

My best friend of opposite gender told me that if I want to be more attractive, I will have to go to gym and get bigger butts.

We are not going to argue here whether my girl best friend didn’t know me well enough, or my other best friend is too superficial. But the fact that they honestly provided their vastly different perspectives inspired me to blog about us, the women.

You can say that we are living in both a misogynistic and feminist society. We know of “insane” activists like Valerie Solanas and Andrea Dworkin, then there are “ignorant” politicians like Donald Trump. It is like a game of tug-of-war. I find this polarisation of ideology extremely disturbing, and dangerous. This is especially relevant to countries where different cultures merge, like France, like Singapore.

Spending my ambitious teenage years in an all-girls school, I was encouraged to speak up for myself, to treat everyone equal, and to try anything. Yet as we grow older, we are told otherwise. We are told that 1. beauty is defined by the size of your eyes 2. girls should be both a good mum and a good employee (It’s a trap!) 3. women can hardly become Executives… (and so on and so forth)

Critical evaluation of the role and identity of women never stopped. It reflects how complicated and tricky this gender is. We often hear people commenting on how women should live, or discussing what are the ideal characteristics that women should possess. But if we are independent and smart women, why can’t we make the best decisions for ourselves?

So I thought about what I could do to let young woman be informed, to be equipped with sufficient knowledge of the role of women, to prevent girls our age from cluelessly walking on a path that they regretted (regardless of whether it is staying single forever and lived a lonely life or involving in a hopeless marriage and wasted your golden years). I am going to blog my responses to feminism ideas (be it radical, liberal or conservative) onto this platform for my readers and myself. I have not carefully planned out how exactly am I going to do it, but I do have a clear goal.

I hope that this blog can help us discover a new paradigm for modern woman, and to guide us to embrace the challenges ahead of us with inner strength and courage. And I wish all girls will always stay true to themselves.